Saturday, March 24, 2007

Good and Evil - II

Evil is a tempting harlot that offers immediate relief but constant pain
Good is a innocent child beckoning to love and be loved that offers enduring happiness
To follow evil is to invite misery to be your companion
To follow good is to invite blessedness into your life
But who is to say what is good and what is evil!?
Evil is but a child stripped of its innocence and bound in a mantle of flesh
Man is the crucible in which God brews the potion of good and evil
As long as man thinks himself good or evil he will remain in the crucible
Evil and good are two sides of the same coin
Struggling with their nature is only to stoke the fire beneath the crucible
For they can not be defeated but only transcended
In understanding the nature of good and evil lies the keys to heaven...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Life is all one yet I find myself alone.
Alone in my fears and my pain that keep me separated from all life and thus all love.
My loneliness seems compounded by my inability to express what I feel. I doubt anyone could ever understand or know me unless they knew how I felt. For this reason alone I stand on my own. No one except God knows me. Thus I tarry along on a lonely path of my own making with God as my only hope and salvation. However I find joy in knowing that my destination will surely be reached as surely as his love never fails.

Today was a particularly hard day for me and the only thing that made me feel happy was
receiving a mail from my dear friend Diana who asked me to start blogging again and made me feel part of this beautiful circle of life once more. To her I dedicate this post.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Gayatri Mantra - Invocation of the Mother Goddess

Recently I have taken to chanting the Gayatri mantra described as the supreme of all mantras. The Gayatri mantra to me feels like a warm embrace of the mother goddess holding her child in her arms. It soothes, comforts and nurtures my being. It is a heart felt prayer, adoration and invitation to the divine mother to come and nurture our souls with the sweetness of her eternal love.

Om Bhur bhuvah svah
Tat savitur varenyam
Bhargo Devasya dheemahi
Dheeyo yonah prachodayaat

Oh Creator of the Universe!
We meditate upon thy supreme splendor.
May thy radiant power illuminate our intellects,
destroy our sins, and guide us
in the right direction!

"Just like the Sun annihilates darkness, so does the Gayatri Mantra destroy ignorance. The Gayatri Mantra invokes the power and radiance of the Sun to energize all earthly life, to destroy our sins and to reveal the Supreme Self to us. Krishna in the Bhagvad Geeta says: ' Amongst the Mantras, I am the Gayatri' "

Listen to the Gayatri Mantra

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dream Prophecy

A constellation in the sky
Depicts a military war general
Seated on a horse
With cross in hand
An ominous sign

Soon after a fiery blaze (nuke)
Rains down from the sky
Destroying countless lives
Including mine...

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ray Of Hope

Today as I contemplated on the state of my life I realized how many regrets I had and how many things I wish I had done but didn't do. I wished I was back in college taking part in all the fun activities and making new friends that I could share of my life with, I wished I had been more sensitive to the needs of the people who were in my life and who are no more, I wished I had someone special to share my life with whom I could love with all my heart and soul and above all I wished I was healed of all the pain that I carry within me and truly feel the beauty that lies dormant inside of me. I realized that the only times I really feel at peace is when I sleep. I imagine myself floating on a peaceful cloud in heaven embraced with the love of all the angels and then I drift off to a blissful sleep. As I slept in the afternoon with these thoughts floating in my head I cried myself to a peaceful slumber. When I woke up I saw the most beautiful sight that made me feel happy and blessed.
There was a ray of light shining in my bedroom through my window and lighting up my meditation altar. Another regret I have had is that my house does not get any sunlight especially in the winters leaving me feeling cold. My previous house was facing away from the sun and that was one of the reasons I had moved into this house before winters but even in my new house the sun rarely shines. Today was the first time I saw sunlight in my house perhaps due to the shift in the spring where the sun's angle changes but having been without sun for an entire winter this was a great blessing but more than that it was a sign, a ray of hope from heaven that all my dreams would one day be filled and blessed in the light of heaven. It was my special ray of hope.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Vision of a Perfect World

Have you ever wondered what a perfect world would look like? It is said that the world is of our own making and all that you see around you is exactly as you chose it to be, your family, your friends, the work that you do, the environment that you live in, the clothes that you wear etc. are all of your own making, it is the world you chose to create around you and live in, it defines who you are at the moment. We create and define the world around us moment to moment by the choices we make, either we choose from the heart and choose to view the world through the eyes of love or we choose to color the world with our fears. Imagine for a moment what your perfect world would look like to you and hold that vision in your mind to the extent that it begins to feel real, feel it in your heart as deeply as you can, let it be your heart felt prayer till the point you can feel it so deeply that there is no shadow of doubt left in your heart that it must be so….it will then come to be. As within so without.

Here is how I envision a perfect world…….

People would look upon each other as brothers and sisters and there would be no differentiation based on race or color. The world would be a global family with people helping each other where help is needed instead of intentionally turning a blind eye to each others suffering. There would be no mention of violence or of hurting each other but people would rejoice instead in helping each other heal and find joy in loving one another without judgment or expectations. Every face you see would reflect the picture of innocence and would have an angelic smile dancing on the corner of the lips as if waiting for an opportunity to release all the joy that is contained within. People would laugh in joy without a care in the world and lift up their voices in praise of the holy one who brings joy to their hearts and who is now known to be the nearest and dearest to all hearts when once he was hidden under veils of darkness.

Children would be treated with tender love and care and education would be geared towards their wholesome upbringing in a world that respects and nurtures their tender hearts and helps them grow up in an environment that lets them fulfill their true potentials and become upstanding citizens of society giving back to it according to their capacity.

Men and women would see each other as gods and goddesses and sex would not be considered dirty and bad but would be a mutually satisfying exchange of divine love that is pure and unsullied and free of lust.

Animals would not be killed and slaughtered for their flesh but rather honored for the spiritual potential that is embodied in them and allowed to live according to their capacity as dictated by natural laws.

There would be no system of money but rather a system based on 'service worthiness' where each man is honored according to his potential to serve society and every man would be given equal opportunity to learn skills according to his capacity and thereby increase his 'service worthiness' in society. Thus a person wishing to be an artist would be able to learn art and share his artistic talents with society. As one evolves into being of more service to society he would move up to higher and higher authorities of power in a system of government where people are chosen according to their wisdom and capacity to serve others but most importantly according to their capacity to serve spirit’s will as opposed to one's own.

There would be no one lacking in food and a roof above their heads as everything would be shared in equal measure and greed would be unheard of. People would do what they enjoyed and work would be fulfilling and rewarding and helping one to achieve their true potential thus enabling them to move ahead on their journey of life.

Natural beauty would abound and cities would harmoniously blend with nature. Spring would never end and sun would always shine. People would not feel tired as they would derive their energy from natural surroundings which uplift the energy field of people instead of depleting it. One would just need to take a stroll in a lush green park engineered to grow a blend of flowers and herbs that would naturally heal and uplift the human energy field leaving one feeling fully rejuvenated and in tune with nature.

Medicine would be geared towards healing not only the body but also the mind and spirit having finally discovered the deep interconnection between the three. A variety of healing tools would be available to achieve the same e.g. using crystals for tuning the energy field, healing through sound and light, and other methods of holistic healing would be the norm.

Peace would prevail among nations and there would be no artificial boundaries to separate people based upon their race and culture. Nations would share and support each other and learn from each others strengths and respect each others differences.

Communication would be intuitive, empathic and telepathic. People would use all their senses to communicate thus there would be little need for talk but people would be able to read each others hearts and minds like an open book as nothing would be hidden any more nor would there be any need to hide your thoughts and feelings. Communication would be heart centered and not ego centered thus resulting in a mutually satisfying and selfless form of communication.

Above all love would be the governing factor in all individual and collective actions thus ensuring the survival and evolution of the human race.

Love for all and all for love.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Good and Evil

As I was reading the book 'Left to Tell' a lot of things became clear to me. I felt Immaculee's inner anguish tearing at her. There was a part of her that wanted to wreak revenge on her parents killers but there was another part that told her that this was not the 'right' thing to ask for as it would take her further away from God. In the end she overcame her own 'demons' and chose to listen to her 'angels' instead. The struggle she went through is common to all. This is the great battle between the light and the dark, the
demons and the angels, God and Satan. We all have the 'good' and the 'bad' sides to us and we struggle with it daily. When we choose to empower the bad side we feel miserable and disconnected from God. It is not God who has forsaken us but our own bad choices that have
caused us to feel separate from God. God gave us free will to live and learn and we are free to choose good or bad. In the end it is not God who judges but we are our own judge and jury. God does not see good or bad. Good or bad only exists in duality and separation. God is wholly
good and evil does not exist where God is. Then the question arises where did evil spring from. The answer is just as simple. Evil came into existence where God was not and where God was not was when we chose to believe in an existence that was separate from God and
created an identity that was separate from God. We are the drops in the ocean of God not realizing that we are part of the ocean and dreaming that we are a small puny drop all alone unto ourselves. Thus do we cut ourselves off from the vast strength of the ocean. We exist in a self created delusion. In this delusion of separation arises the possibility of good and evil since that is the very nature of duality. If we knew oneness the possibility of evil would not exist because in oneness there can be no evil to perpetuate as being evil requires the existence of another to whom the effect can be perpetuated. Love can know no evil simply because love unifies and evil separates. Hence evil is a creation of the delusion of man. Once the duality is overcome within one self through the process of self purification then the evil vanishes along with it. This is the journey that all must undertake. No one shall know God unless one sees and knows no evil. Such a one is free of all fears and sees all with an equal eye knowing all to be children of God and loving all equally.

This is exactly the path Imaculee chose to follow when she forgave the killers of her family and looked beyond the evil they had perpetuated and saw that they were indeed children of God who had gone deep into the delusion of separation. She understood the evil that they had brought upon themselves and knew that their souls had a long journey ahead of them to come back into oneness. She saw through the eyes of God and saw only the purity of their souls that was still buried deep within them hidden from view by the layers of evil that they had perpetuated.

God only sees the truth and the truth is that all are his children and all our wholly good. Only in separation they have deluded themselves into believing otherwise.

The correct way to view people who have perpetuated evil is with compassion for only God knows the untold sufferings that they must endure to be able to merge back with God again who is their only source of happiness and who will never forsake them even though they have forsaken him.

May God bless Rwanda and all the people therein that one day they may learn to forgive each other and may their hearts be cleansed of hatred and filled instead with the understanding of God that allows one to heal and love and become whole again.

Left to Tell

I just finished reading this beautiful book that I wanted to share with everyone. It is the story of a Rwandan genocide survivor Immaculee Ilibagiza who survived the worst genocide in human history where 800,000 rwandans were massacred in an ethnic 'cleansing' in a span of 100 days just because they happened to be from a tribe called the 'Tutsi'. Immaculee who happened to be a Tutsi was hunted down to be killed but she hid herself in a 4ft x 3ft bathroom with 7 other women for a period of 91 days.

In the bathroom she battled with her worst fears and in the midst of her darkness she found the light of God. This is her story of her survival and the lessons of unconditional love and forgiveness that she learnt through it to the extent that when she finally met the killers of her family she was able to forgive them. It is a truly beautiful and moving autobiography. It will move you to tears and at the same time make you weep in joy at the love that God has for all of us and its power to heal and forgive even in the midst of great suffering. It is a timeless story of the strength of the human spirit to rise above all challenges and tap into the deep reservoir of strength within. The story of Immaculee Ilibagiza and her love and strength to overcome all odds will become a part of you by the time you finish this book.

"Forgiveness is a favor to yourself, not a favor to the person you are forgiving. You free your heart to love again. The only way to fight the evil is to love each other."
~ Immaculee Ilibagiza